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6 Ways to teach your child about entrepreneurship when they haven't yet learned to read.

Although reading is a valuable tool for fostering entrepreneurship in children, there are many other ways a parent can help their child get started, even if they don't know how to read yet. Here are some ideas:

  1. Encourage imagination and creativity: Encourage your child to explore their imagination and be creative. They can create stories, make up games, or build things using blocks or art supplies. These exercises will help develop your ability to think innovatively and generate ideas.

  2. Play at being entrepreneurs: Use simulation games that involve aspects of entrepreneurship. For example, they can pretend to own a toy restaurant, a store, or a workshop. This will help them understand basic concepts such as management, customer service, and teamwork.

  3. Set goals and rewards: Help your child set realistic and achievable goals. For example, they could save money to buy a toy they want or to donate to a charity. This will teach them about the importance of planning, saving and working towards goals.

  4. Involve them in practical projects: Carry out practical activities that allow them to experiment with entrepreneurship. For example, you can host a garage sale of toys or homemade food. This will teach them about inventory management, pricing, and interacting with customers.

  5. Encourages teamwork: Encourage your child to collaborate with other children on creative projects. This will help them develop communication, cooperation and problem-solving skills. They can do activities like building a fort or creating a play.

  6. Support and praise their efforts: Recognize and value your child's efforts and achievements. This will give them confidence and motivation to continue exploring and undertaking. Celebrating small milestones and encouraging them to persist in their projects will teach them about the importance of determination and resilience.

If after reading this you understand the concepts, but you do not have clear ideas or you do not know where to start teaching your child about entrepreneurship, we have the solution for you, The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer, an entrepreneurship book for children, with which, You will be able to put into practice the concepts necessary to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in your child. We are in Pre-Sale and you can reserve it with a 20% discount with the Code Aventurero2023:

Try Before You Buy?

If you want to receive a virtual demo before purchasing, leave us your comment and we will send you at no cost or commitment a virtual trial of the book.


By purchasing the book, parents and caregivers obtain the following benefits:

  1. Three low-budget entrepreneurship models that children and young people can put into practice, providing a step-by-step guide for business development.

  2. Access to the "Great Entrepreneurs" group, an online platform where children and young people can sell their products and services without additional costs, providing a real opportunity to market their ventures.

  3. Continuous support in the construction of business models, with guidance and support throughout the process to guarantee the success and sustainable growth of entrepreneurial projects.

  4. Return on investment of the book through sales generated by children and young entrepreneurs, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and understanding of the value of work and income generation.

  5. Development of key skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, autonomy, practical learning, perseverance and teamwork, which are essential for children's personal growth and future success.


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Virgilia Casanare calendar_today

hace dos años que soy abuela y no comprendía tanto amor. lo compró para dárselo a mi hijo de regalo. saludos desde villanueva de gallo en zaragoza

Luis calendar_today

No creo que solo se deba enseñar emprendimiento, más rápido aprenderá hacer otra actividad menos complicada. mucho esfuerzo para un niño que no ha aprendido a leer

Alexandra Gomez calendar_today

Me costó llegar hasta acá, los niños dejan poco espacio para leer, pero, estoyyy muy interesa de verdad lo necesito pronto.

Jonathan calendar_today

El sueño de todo padre que su hijo sea empresario. haber mandame la prueba oscaringeniero467@outlook.com

Paola Nieto calendar_today

No Tenéis ni idea las grandes ideas que me habéis dado para mis gemelos. pero, quiero la prueba para más ideas.

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