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E-Book: The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer

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Welcome to "The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer"!

This captivating entrepreneurship book is designed for Children and Young People of all ages who dream of making their ideas a reality and becoming true entrepreneurs by developing these 7 skills:

1. They will increase your Creativity using your environment!

The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer teaches children and young people to use all the elements around them to build their entrepreneurial projects and overcome obstacles.

2. They will work as a team and they will say goodbye to SELFISHNESS "!

They will discover how the power of teamwork transforms everything, turning them into extraordinary entrepreneurs, always willing to help others.

3. Solve Problems It will be your new Super Power!

Our protagonists will continually face problems in the development of their ventures and will solve them using their own resources.

4. You will build your self-confidence by being Self-employed

The Book allows children to take control of their projects and decisions. Giving them the opportunity to take responsibility and improve self-confidence.

5. The Practical Learning It will save you from mistakes!

Entrepreneurship involves learning through experience and doing. For this reason, the book motivates children to put all its content into practice.

6. Say "NO" to bad decisions when developing the Critical thinking !

The book helps you analyze situations, consider different perspectives, and make thoughtful decisions.

7. No more Anxiety, sow Perseverance !

Entrepreneurship involves facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Children will learn to persist in the face of difficulties, to adapt to changes and to learn from failures.

What Does The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer Tell?

The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer tells the story of four young people: Jerry, Ana, Thomas and Jess, on an exciting adventure full of discoveries and challenges. Together, you will explore the fascinating world of entrepreneurship, learn practical skills, and be inspired to turn your passions into successful businesses.

Jerry and Ana, best friends from school, will work together to turn a hobby into a profitable business idea.

Thomas will seek reconciliation with his older brother through entrepreneurship and inspiring people with his product.

Jess will follow her father's wise advice to build a business with children's social responsibility in the company of an entire league of young people.


We are building a community of Children and Young Entrepreneurs; Therefore, in addition to your purchase, the children or young people who own the book may be part of the " Great Entrepreneurs " group where they can publish, promote and sell their products or services.


The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer is also a family activity that you can do with children and young people from the age of zero, regardless of your age or family role. Don't miss the opportunity to build a good family future.

Do you want to buy The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer to give as a gift?

When making your purchase, you can specify that it is for a gift in the comments; and at no additional cost, we'll wrap it and put a custom label on it for that special someone.

Product characteristics :

ISBN 978-84-09-52134-0

Measurements: Format:

Height: 14.8 cm Color Pages

Width: 21 cm Total Pages 227

Thickness 1.9 cm Coloring pages.

Doubts or concerns ?

Write to us at info@elgranaventurero.com and we will answer any questions you may have.

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E-Book: The Great Entrepreneur Adventurer

30 Days for Return

Are you not satisfied with your book? Send it back to us and we will refund your order!

Worldwide Sales

We seek to reach 1,000,000 children and young entrepreneurs.

Excellent quality

The cover of the book is hardcover to guarantee its durability.