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Great Entrepreneur Policies

Service Policy of the "Great Entrepreneurs" Club:

1. All minors, without exception, who wish to belong to the club must have the permission of a responsible adult.

2. The club is open to entrepreneurial boys and girls in the age range of 0 to 18 years.

3. To be part of the club, it is necessary to purchase the "Book of the Great Entrepreneur Adventurer" in any of its presentations.

4. The membership application must be sent by email to club@elgranaventurero.com, with the subject "Club Grandes Emprendedores". The application must include the following attachments:
to. Copy of the book purchase invoice.
b. Personal data of the entrepreneur, including name, age and contact.
c. Personal data of the responsible adult accompanying the entrepreneur, including name and contact.
d. A description of the product or service offered by the young entrepreneur.

5. Simply purchasing the book does not guarantee acceptance into the club. To be admitted, all established obligations must be met.

6. The response to the membership request will have a maximum duration of 30 days and will be communicated through the email provided. Possible answers may be:
to. "Accepted": The application has been approved, and the entrepreneur is officially a member of the club and the conditions for the publication of their products or services will be sent.
b. "Denied": The request has not been approved on this occasion.
c. "On Waiting List": The club has received a high number of applications and cannot accept new members at this time. The entrepreneur will be placed on a waiting list and will be informed when there is availability.

7. Acceptance to the club does not guarantee the automatic publication and promotion of the young entrepreneur's product or service. To do this, the entrepreneur must comply with the additional information requested upon receiving acceptance to the "Great Entrepreneurs" club, such as product warranty, refund, shipping policy and authorization from a responsible adult, among others.

8. The benefits of belonging to the "Great Entrepreneurs" club, granted by the owner, are:
to. Publication and promotion of the products and services of young entrepreneurs through the website elgranaventurero.com.
b. Virtual payment platform service and administration of orders placed.

9. The owner is not responsible for product warranty, shipping or refund.

10. The cost of the service for the publication and promotion of the young entrepreneur's product or service is as follows:
to. Free during the first month of launch.
b. 10% of the retail value of the product and service during the following three months.
c. 15% from the following months up to one year.

11. The time for which the product or service of the young entrepreneur will remain active on the elgranaventurero.com website is three months, extendable for successive terms of three months in three months, according to the activity of the young entrepreneur and compliance of the established obligations.

12. The owner may cancel the product or service from the website for the following reasons:
to. Breach of product or service warranty, as well as refund.
b. Out of stock of the product for one month.
c. Behaviors interpreted as scamming consumers.
d. Supply of products that violate rights or promote discrimination.
and. Expiration of the agreed three months or their extensions.
F. Any reason alleged by the owner that threatens the image of the brand and affects the other members of the club.

13. The owner can negotiate new rights and obligations with each club member or modify existing ones. The promotion of the young entrepreneur's product or service will be carried out in a general way, promoting the news of the "Great Entrepreneurs" club. There is no obligation on the part of the owner to carry out specific and particular paid promotions of the products and services of young entrepreneurs.

14. The young entrepreneur can promote his product by other means and request discount codes for the promotion, but these codes can never be greater than 80% of the sales price of the product.

15. Other pertinent conditions will be communicated by the owner of the "Great Entrepreneurs" club according to the needs and requirements that arise.

16. Responsible use of the platform: All club members must use the web platform and the services provided in a responsible and ethical manner. Offensive, defamatory, discriminatory behavior or behavior that goes against the principles of coexistence and respect will not be tolerated.

17. Intellectual property: Young entrepreneurs must ensure that the products or services they offer do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks and patents. The club is not responsible for any infractions committed by members.

18. Confidentiality: Both the club owner and members must maintain the confidentiality of information shared during the application process and within the club. This includes personal data, business strategies and any sensitive information.

19. Active Participation: Club members are expected to actively participate in activities and events organized by the club, as well as in discussions and collaborations with other members. Active participation encourages learning and growth together.

20. Effective communication: Members must maintain clear and respectful communication with each other, as well as with the club owner. Any questions, suggestions or incidents must be communicated appropriately for prompt resolution.

21. Legal Compliance: Young entrepreneurs and responsible adults must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in relation to their products, services and business activities. The club will not support or tolerate any activity that is illegal or violates the rights of others.

22. Updating information: Members must keep their contact details and any relevant information provided to the club up to date. This includes changes to product information, services offered, warranty, refund and shipping policies, among others.

23. Conflict resolution: If any conflict arises between club members, it is encouraged to seek a friendly and negotiated solution. If an agreement cannot be reached, the club owner will act as a mediator to seek a fair and equitable resolution.

These policies establish a solid framework for the participation and development of young entrepreneurs in the "Great Entrepreneurs" club. Remember that these policies are subject to changes and updates, and it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur and the responsible adult to stay informed about the current conditions of the club.

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